About Me

Lushanna:  I'm a wife, mother, owner of Every Child Ahead LLC for 14 years, Author of Little Misters Adventures "Khalil Goes To Preschool", a (MHW) Mental Health Worker for 19 years and a certified (Mama Glow) Doula. 

Approaching an amazing journey of life that was my calling from the start, I just didn’t realize it had a name.

I have always had this soul catching connection with women and children from an early age, although I didn’t understand it until I got older. Even with my siblings, I’ve always taken on the mother role; I guess I had what some call an old soul. At the age of ten I became the neighborhood babysitter. I was a nurturer as a child and had no idea how important my role was to those children. I just knew I wanted to do a good job. Being a child who has been through the system of foster care, I was able to see different parenting techniques good or bad but again I found myself caring for the children in the house. As I got older I told myself that I was going to care for children, if possible better than their parents. I know how that can sound a bit crazy but that was my thought process at the time.

 As I got older all my friends were having children including myself, one girl in our circle was having a problem getting pregnant and that was my sister. I could only imagine how that felt for her seeing all of us happy and enjoying this beautiful life we created without any struggles and it just wasn’t happening for her. I started thinking of all the ways she could possibly have a baby rather she carried it or I carry her baby for her that’s how much I wanted to see her enjoy being a mother as I did. I started thinking maybe I should go to some of her doctor’s appointments because maybe she wasn’t asking the right questions or opening up about what was going on in her body, something I didn’t have a problem doing so I did just that. Together we were able to find out what was preventing her from conceiving.

Being a childcare provider I have had the privilege of caring for children and have also observed some of them come into this world. Throughout the last five years I have contemplated how I could assist women in bringing their children into this world and assist with giving women an amazing birthing experience. However, I didn’t want to go back to school to be a doctor or a nurse I then started looking into what a doula was because the word kept servicing. After I discovered what a doula was and the significance of having a doula present during birth. I was blown away I became fascinated and wanted to be a part of this doula world, yet I still hesitated to pursue.

One day I was having a discussion with a childcare parent just about life itself. That night at around ten o’clock I received an instant message from that same parent asking me if I ever thought about becoming a doula? I was blown away, one because it was so random and two because I had been thinking about the idea of becoming a doula that very day. I took it as an affirmation to pursue the journey of becoming a doula; I did just that at Mama Glow.